About Patient Direct®


Delta Dental Patient Direct® is a dental savings program that offers members access to a network of dentists who have agreed to provide dental care at fees no higher than the Delta Dental Patient Direct fee schedule or percentage discount for procedures not listed on the schedule. Network dentists cannot charge patients fees over the Delta Dental Patient Direct fee schedule, or percentage discount.

Delta Dental Patient Direct includes general services such as routine cleanings, fillings, and x-rays, as well as crowns, root canals, dentures, orthodontia, and cosmetic services.

Members pay an annual fee to Delta Dental of Illinois in exchange for access to the Delta Dental Patient Direct network in Illinois. Patient Direct network dentists agree to accept up to the Delta Dental Patient Direct fee schedule as their full fee for services rendered, or discount percentage. When you visit the Delta Dental Patient Direct participating dentist of your choice, and show your Delta Dental Patient Direct membership card at the time of treatment, you will be charged no more than the fee schedule or the fee after the discount percentage for the respective service.

Delta Dental of Illinois does not make payments directly to Delta Dental Patient Direct network dentists. Delta Dental Patient Direct members are responsible for paying 100% of the participating dentists' fee up to the Delta Dental Patient Direct fee schedule or the fee after the percentage discount indicated on the Delta Dental Patient Direct fee schedule.

Delta Dental Patient Direct is not insurance. If you are looking for individual insurance, please visit www.deltadentalil.me.

Advantages of Delta Dental Patient Direct

  • Discounts on many dental services - significant savings!
  • No maximums or deductibles
  • No waiting periods
  • No claim forms

Potential Savings for You and Your Family
Fees listed below are the average fees of all Delta Dental's participating dentists. Please note that fees for services rendered by general dentists are generally lower than fees for specialists.

Procedure Average Fee* 2012 Delta Dental Patient Direct Fee Schedule Potential Cost Savings
Periodic Evaluation $47 $23 $24
Comprehensive Evaluation $72 No charge $72
Full Mouth X-rays $122 $68 $54
Crown $994 $589 $405
Root Canal $958 $425 $533

*average fee is based upon the submitted fees of all of Delta Dental's participating dentists

Fee Schedule

Program Costs
Membership runs for one year after your effective date. Enrollment and payment must be received by the 20th of the month to be effective the 1st of the following month. Enrollment and payment received after the 20th will be effective the first of the month after the next month.

Following receipt and approval of your payment, as well as your acceptance of the Delta Dental Patient Direct Terms and Conditions, notification of membership, ID cards and a welcome packet will be emailed to you within five business days.

  • Annual Rates:
  • Individual: $72
  • Family: $120
  • Spouse or domestic partner if applicable, plus all dependent children up to age 26.